A happy life according to Scandinavians

Humans have always been looking for a means of achieving happiness and harmony. Over time, we began to distinguish between different attributes of happiness and ways of attaining them. This is where different lifestyles and, subsequently, trends originated from.

These are claimed to be ready prescriptions for happiness. Nothing could be simpler: just browse the Internet to find universal solutions that will allow you to change your life and start to truly enjoy it. Interestingly, not only can these philosophies be reduced to a set of pieces of advice, but they can also be identified with particular countries and their cultures. After all, everybody has heard about the Italian ‘dolce vita’, or the French ‘joie de vivre’. Where are we looking for inspiration and patterns of happiness today? It is interesting that over the past few decades, our vision of a perfect life has shifted from the south of Europe much farther north. In recent years, Scandinavia has set lifestyle trends and standards that are now emulated throughout the world. Hygge, lagom, fika, friluftsliv – what do they mean and what changes in our everyday life should they inspire? You are about to find out everything that you need to know.

Hygge from Denmark

The philosophy of hygge conquered the world in 2016. It has become so popular that the word is now not only used as a noun, but also as a verb and an adjective. The world of hygge is much more than that, though: there is a plethora of self-help books and gadgets that encourage you to live in accordance with the tenets of this Danish philosophy. What precisely does it mean? The word hygge means comfort, convenience and cosiness which, when properly implemented, allow you to attain a state of internal equilibrium, make you feel safe and happy. It is a state of well-being experienced both on one’s own and in the company of others. Being happy is identified with a specific mood: it consists of pleasant moments that you must not deny yourself. Although this philosophy stands in stark opposition to the consumer society, it does not altogether reject beautiful objects . Listen to yourself: if you feel like a cup of hot tea or a chocolate cake in a coffee shop, or simply want to immerse yourself in a book, curled up under a blanket, do it!

Hygge has inspired the Vestfrost brand, which remains strongly attached to its Danish roots. What does a fridge manufacturer have to do with hygge? The philosophy of happiness! In its retro collection, Vestfrost offers consumers a line of fridge-freezers in bold, rich hues that will bring a colourful spark into any home. The fridge has a classic design, eye-catching details and advanced refrigeration technologies. The combination of these elements make it much more than a simple food storage appliance. The Vestfrost fridge will add character not only to the kitchen, but to the entire house. 

Friluftsliv from Norway

The word simply means spending time outdoors. Nothing original? Maybe not, but try it and experience the many benefits friluftsliv brings. Since they are toddlers, Norwegians become used to living with nature and being part of it. This approach brings positive effects not only to physical, but also to mental health. According to a study whose results have been presented in the Psychology Today magazine, those who manage to understand and connect with their environment are in a much better psychological state than those focused only their inner self. Spending time outdoors helps reduce stress, allows you to take a break and disconnect from the unrelenting pace of everyday life. According to the principles of friluftsliv, you need to turn off your phone and other electronic devices in order to listen to yourself and the nature around you. Sounds interesting? Why don’t you try it? Summer and autumn are perfect seasons for spending time outdoors.

Lagom andfika from Sweden

The word lagom means simply ‘not too much, not too little, just the right amount’. Interestingly enough, this adjective is universal – it can be employed with reference to interior decoration and fashion, but also to diet and consumption. It means the constant pursuit of balance and harmony. In the philosophy of lagom, we learn everything by taking small steps, trying to work out the perfect ‘here and now’. Balance should also be maintained between work and private life. Conducive to to this state of equilibrium is fika, a 15-minute coffee and snack break in the morning and in the afternoon. It may sound banal, but don’t be mistaken: fika does not mean gulping a cup of coffee in front of a coffee machine. This short break is taken to allow one to switch off from work, chat with colleagues, share thought and opinions. In addition, such short pauses bring measurable benefits to the companies, as relaxed employees work more efficiently. And if you need more than two breaks, do not let anything stop you! According to the philosophy of lagom, instead of rushing, we are to remain calm and relaxed when performing our daily tasks and duties.

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