Post category: blog 17.01.2020
Time for Shiraz

Quite surprisingly, it turns out that wine is also a matter of fashion! And I do not mean by this the winemakers’ attire, but global consumer trends that indicate which style of wine is currently de rigueur. When it comes to reds, full-bodied, intense in colour, round, yet not very dry wines with the aroma… read more

Post category: blog 17.01.2020
Argentinian Malbec

There are wines that have gained the status of icons: model and flagship drinks that proudly represent their region or country internationally. There are several such stars in Europe. Burgundy, champagne, porto or chianti are household names, known to experts and dilettantes alike. The situation is quite different in the so-called New World, where the… read more

Post category: blog 13.01.2020
Wine in Antiquity

As we visit ancient monuments in Greece and Italy, or read myths, we imagine how our ancestors lived over two thousand years ago. Back in the day, the Mediterranean cradle of our culture and civilisation was already quite developed, and one of the many everyday manifestations of this advancement was the production and consumption of… read more

Post category: blog 08.01.2020
Bordeaux, or what’s in a name?

The most important wine region of France (or, dare we say, the world), has been the subject of countless studies, analyses and descriptions. Bordeaux does not lend itself easily to any accurate and concise description, as one can easily become lost in the profusion of information and often imprecise data that have accumulated over the… read more

Post category: blog 31.12.2019
A bottle of bubbly? Not only on New Year’s Eve!

Formal occasions and important events are traditionally celebrated with a toast of sparkling wine. This custom may seem harmless, but it puts both champagne and its less expensive, yet not necessarily inferior counterparts at a disadvantage. As a result of this tradition, champagne has acquired a label of a ‘drink for special occasions’. Why not… read more

Post category: blog 19.12.2019
How should wine be stored?

In many Polish restaurants and homes white wines are served too cold and red wines too warm. While the former will warm up quickly in the glass to attain the right temperature, in the case of the latter the problem will not solve itself! When too warm, red wines lose their freshness and aroma; their… read more

Post category: blog 09.12.2019
Reading wine labels

The first impression a bottle of wine makes is paramount. Marketing specialists, designers and artists know this all too well, hence considerable efforts expended to make sure that the bottle catches the eye, arouses interest and entices the purchase. The product strategy is of utmost importance in this industry, as consumers often feel lost when… read more

Post category: blog 09.12.2019
Celebrating life, or a few words about happiness

In our rapidly changing world of fast technological development and ubiquitous social media, we – as members of highly developed societies – tend to devote ourselves to consumption instead of taking more time to do what we truly enjoy. Omnipresent smartphones (according to the latest research, nearly 50% of Poles spend over 2 hours a… read more

Post category: blog 29.11.2019
Green wine

Over the hills and far away lies a fairy-tale land where green wine is made. What kind of tale is it? Relax: it is a classic and it ends well. Indeed, the name of the land sounds quite poetic and you have to cross the continent to get there. It is a region as green… read more