Vestfrost Art Collection wins the Good Design 2022 award

The newest model of Vestfrost Art Collection refrigerator-freezer, which depicts the Polish artist of all time – Frederic Chopin, won first place in the Good Design 2022 competition, in the kitchen appliances category. The award was presented during the gala organized during 4 Design Days fair in Katowice.
The Vestfrost Art Collection is a project, co-created with painter Ursula Clarise that combines portraits of art icons with modern retro-style refrigerator-freezers.

Vestfrost appreciated by the jury

The retro style refrigerator-freezer with a pop-art image of Frédéric Chopin from the Vestfrost Art Collection is the first time the Danish brand has portrayed the Polish artist. In doing so, the pianist and composer joined the circle of icons – Salvador Dali, David Bowie, Anthony Bourdain and Frida Kahlo – featured in the Vestfrost collection.

This project was unique from the start, and took us over a year to prepare and implement. It started with an original portrait of Chopin, painted especially for us by Ursula Clarise.
The next stage involved adapting the image to graphics and applying it to a black, elegant, retro-style refrigerator. The inspirational image then went to the Polonez Business Lounge at Chopin Airport. We wanted to refer to this place, known not only by Poles, but also foreign guests.
The artwork, in a special setting, could be admired by all visitors of the Polonez Business Lounge.
There we also organized an official premiere of the model for journalists. For us, the Good Design contest was the crowning event of this project. That is why the fact that we won it makes us doubly happy. Winning also gives us a burst of fresh energy to work this year – summarizes Rafał Derecki, Category Manager of Vestfrost brand.

Good Design 2022 contest

The Good Design awards have been granted continuously since 2011. In this year’s edition, products were awarded in 12 categories – all related to interior decoration and furnishing. For the first time awards were presented in 3 special categories: Best Polish Design, Best Polish Designer and Best Polish Designer under 30. In the first stage of the competition, the organizers selected several dozen finalists from hundreds of applications, who then presented the projects in front of the audience and the Jury – renowned architects, designers, representatives of art schools and industry organizations and marketing and e-commerce experts. This stage was the one that helped to choose the winners.

Cook like a dream

The VR-FB373-2E0BM depicting Frederic Chopin is not only stylish, but also offers state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, including a filter to keep food fresh for longer, an advanced air circulation system and an ionizer to eliminate unpleasant odors. All this is complemented by carefully planned, ergonomic equipment. Vestfrost Art Collection refrigerators and freezers are distinguished by high energy efficiency class E, equipped with energy-saving LED lighting and electronic control.
Numerous shelves, drawers, bins and bottle holders facilitate the organization and storage of products in the refrigerator. The folding telescopic shelf, which after folding can easily hide a tall pot or a carton of drinks in the refrigerator, is particularly noteworthy.
Vestfrost Art Collection fridge-freezers measure 190 cm and have a capacity of 331 liters (230 liters in the refrigerator and 101 liters in the freezer).