VR-FB373-2E1RD Art Collection

For those who value both excellent design and functionality, and who enjoy experimenting with different styles, we have redefined the modern fridge-freezer.

Meet Vestfrost Art Collection


The Vestfrost Art Collection combines artworks with state-of-the-art home appliances, introducing portraits by Urszula Clarise on our retro fridge-freezers.

The artworks on the appliances depict music, art and culinary legends. Our retro design reminiscent of the 1960s, combined with pop art paintings, will transform your kitchen into a private art gallery.

Which model will you choose?

Vestfrost Art Collection VR-FB373-2E1RD the Salvador Dali model

Add character to your kitchen

NoFrost Multi cooling technology
Ion Tech Built-in ioniser
Maxi Fresh filter
Energy efficiency class

Vestfrost Art Collection
- the Salvador Dali model

The portrait of Salvador Dali by Urszula Clarise has been adapted for Vestfrost’s retro fridge-freezer. Its intense, vibrant colours will add energy to any interior.

... ...

Designed with attention to detail


folding telescopic shelf made of glass


Wine shelf

specially designed to fit bottles without taking up valuable refrigerator space


Humidity control drawer

fruit and vegetables remain firm, juicy and fresh for longer


Cooling chamber

perfect for storing foods that have short shelf lives, such as meat or fish


Technologies that look after your health and household budget

We know our customers' habits, needs and lifestyles. So, we develop our technologies
to meet their expectations and to help them perform their daily tasks.

NoFrost Multi technology

It is a separate air circulation system in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Warm air is immediately removed from the inside, and cool air is blown in instead, regularly drying the appliance's interior.

  • Thanks to NoFrost Multi, frost and ice don't build up on the walls.
  • Food is cooled evenly, does not dry, and stays fresh for longer.
  • Odours do not permeate between the refrigerator and freezer compartments.
Maxi Fresh filter

It is placed in the fruit and vegetable drawer. By eliminating ethylene released by fruit and vegetables during the ripening process, it extends their shelf life.

Ion Tech

It is an air purification technology based on negative ionisation that neutralises dust particles and unpleasant smells. The ioniser does not need to be replaced.

Open door alarm

If you leave your fridge door open, this feature will warn you with an audible alarm, saving your food and energy bills.

Product specification

Technical data

Energy class
605 mm
1901 mm
681 mm
Climate class
Freezer class
Total net capacity
331 l
Total net capacity of the fridge
230 l
Total net capacity of the freezer
101 l
Freezing capacity
5 kg/24h
Annual energy consumption
250 kWh
Noise level
41 dB
Catalog number


  1. NoFrost Multi
  2. Maxi Fresh Filter
  3. Ion Tech
  1. Electronic control (Super Cool, eco mode)
  2. Open door alarm
  3. Wine shelf
  4. Egg container
  5. Folding telescopic shelf made of glass - vShelf
  6. Cooling chamber
  7. Humidity control drawer
  8. 3 door shelves
  9. 3 freezer drawers
  10. 2 ice cube trays
  11. LED lighting


Product card
Energy label

Product description

Wine shelf

At Vestfrost, we are aware that wine needs appropriate storage conditions, and therefore our refrigerators come with a special space for wine. It is located between shelves and takes up less valuable space inside the appliance.

Folding telescopic shelf made of glass - vShelf

This convenient shelf can be folded instantly if you need more space in the fridge. You can create additional space for tall flasks, or even a multi-layer birthday cake.

Humidity control drawer

With the health and convenience of users in mind, Vestfrost has created a drawer with adjustable humidity levels, ideal for storing fruit and vegetables. Fresh produce will remain firm, juicy and fresh for longer.

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