Mobile Wine cooler

Wine cooler

The mobile wine and drink cooler from the Vestfrost Party series has been designed for the amateurs of outdoor parties.

The CC45 model holds up to 16 bottles of wine, 44 0.3-litre cans or 32 0.5-litre bottles. As the cooler is equipped with a convenient bottle holder and wooden shelves, you can use it to serve drinks by the table, or as an additional serving top.

The CC45 model is available in black or silver.

  • Mobile Wine cooler

Product specification

Technical data

Energy class
Net capacity
45 liters
454 mm
825 mm
Number of bottles
44 0.3-litre cans / 16 bottles of wine / 32 0.5-litre bottles
Climate class
Noise level
39 dB
Display shelf
Shelves made of raw oak
Tinted door with UV filter
Reversible door
Door lock
Vibration damping compressor
Active carbon filter
Built-in heating element
Temperature control
Minimum ambient temperature


  1. Double-sided hinged covers
  2. Wine bottle holder
  3. Two externalwooden tops
  4. Rotatingwheels


Product card
Energy label
User manual

Product description

Hinged covers

You do not need to remove the entire lid to get a bottle. Thanks to the cover, the desired temperature can be maintained inside the fridge.

Removable wooden tops

You can serve drinks directly on the top of the cooler, or use it as an additional serving top.

Bottle holder

With this convenient holder, you always have a bottle at hand.

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Vestfrost wine coolers are among the best appliances of this type available on the market, designed for wine aficionados and connoisseurs. Vestfrost professional wine cooler is a unique appliance: a piece of professional equipment, thus far found only in restaurants and hotels, is now available for home use. The W 45 wine cooler has a capacity of up to 44 bottles. Thanks to its special design, each bottle can be stored in optimum conditions. The inside features resistant metal shelves with oak finishing.

Unlike natural UV radiation, efficient and energy-saving LED lighting does not affect the quality of wine. An additional protection is provided by a glass door with a UV filter coating. Despite its compact dimensions (59.5 x 57.5 x 82-89 cm), the wine cooler has two cooling zones. The temperature can be set at 5-10°C or 10-18°C, which allows different types of wine to be stored at the same time. In addition, the Vestfrost wine cooler has an activated carbon filter.

It keeps the air inside of the cooling chamber clean, free of odours and impurities that could penetrate through the cork. The aroma of wine is always protected. Special compressors of the W 45 model absorb any shocks and vibrations, thus preventing sedimentation in the stored wine bottles. What is more, the interior of the refrigerator can be heated. Why? Heating effectively compensates for any temperature differences, if the temperature outside the appliance drops below a certain level. As a result, each bottle can be stored in optimum conditions, in which the taste and aroma of wine is maintained.