Wine cooler

The cooler with a capacity of up to 38 bottles boasts an impressive, elegant design: oak shelves and tinted glass with a UV filter.

The device is dual-zone, which means that different types of wine can be stored at the same time. The interior has been equipped with a vibration dampening compressor, an air cleaning filter and a heating element.

We have made our best to ensure storage conditions resemble those of a traditional wine cellar.

And that the taste of your finest wine is preserved.


Product specification

Technical data

Black / Silver
Energy class
493 mm
840 mm
588 mm
Climate class
Noise level
44 dB
Temperature zones
Tinted door with UV filter
Reversible door
Electronic control
Vibration damping compressor
Active carbon filter
Built-in heating element
Minimum ambient temperature
Temperature range
5-10˚, 10-18˚


  1. Electronic control
  2. LED lighting
  3. Activated carbon filter
  4. Vibration dampening compressor
  5. Raw oak shelves
  6. Electronic control
  7. Removable ventilation grille


Product card
Energy label

Product description

Carbon filter

External fragrances can get inside bottles and negatively affect the taste of wine; corked wine is particularly at risk. The odour absorbing filter binds such airborne substances in carbon, leaving the air in the refrigerator perfectly clean. It is recommended to change the filter at least once a year.

Electronic control

Top and side LED lighting

This is the most effective type of lighting in refrigeration appliances. It is energy-efficient and generates significantly less heat than a traditional light bulb, thus preventing the temperature inside the fridge from rising above the required levels.

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Double-zone | W 32 Wine cooler

Poles have grown to love wine and this newly found passion does not seem to be only a passing fancy. The numbers speak for themselves. Today, the average Pole drinks approx. 5.5 litres wine per year, i.e. almost twice as much as only three years ago. It is still less than the country’s neighbours: in the Czech Republic - the country known for its beer – this amount is 21 l per person, in Germany – 28 l, and a little more than 40 litres of wine per person are consumed in France. Given the growing interest in this noble drink, the market of wine products and services has been quickly expanding in Poland. One of the absolute must-haves is a wine cooler, in which wine can be stored and left to mature. It has become a permanent fixture in the dwellings of Western and Southern Europeans, and has been recently making its way into the homes of Poles. Not only hotels or restaurants, but also houses and apartments now feature this appliance. Real estate developers claim that a wine cooler has become an almost mandatory piece of equipment of a stylish contemporary apartment. In order to ensure the perfect taste and colour of wine, it must be stored at a stable temperature and in a space with adequate humidity levels. Appropriate conditions preserve the taste of wine, and may even improve it over time. The wine cooler creates ideal conditions, similar to those of a wine cellar.
For over 25 years, Vestfrost has been the leader among manufacturers of this type of equipment. The brand offers several product lines, such as a special wine cooler suited to the needs of present day consumers. The FUNCTION range of wine coolers features a simple, elegant design and a range of practical solutions. It ought to be emphasized that this line of appliances is a bestseller within its class. When asked about the key feature of the W32 wine cooler, customers unanimously point out to its two zones, allowing the storage of different types of wines at the top and at the bottom. Temperature is controlled electronically and it covers a range between 5 and 18°C (5-10°C, 10-18°C). Importantly, the fans operating within each zone ensure that wine bottles are surrounded by air with a steady temperature. Each wine cooler from the FUNCTION line is also equipped with the Frost Guard function, which turns the device off in the event of a cooling system error. If the temperature drops to 2°C, the Frost Guard turns the compressor off. It is turned on automatically when the temperature rises above 6°C. Another useful solution is a heating element that keeps the temperature stable, even when the temperature outside is lower than inside the appliance. "
From the point of view of the consumer, this means maximum security. Each Vestfrost wine cooler is equipped with the most reliable cooling technology - compressor cooling. Temperature is constantly controlled and quickly restored to the requisite level after the opening of the door. Other important features of W32 include vibration damping and an activated carbon filter; both ensure the highest quality of the stored wine. Finally, a few words about the design, which also deserves attention. Its elegant and simple form is emphasized by metal shelves with an oak front panel. For the convenience of users, it is possible to switch between left- and right-swinging of the door. Vestfrost W32 takes up little space (width: 49.3, depth: 58.8, height: 84 cm), so it easily fits in any kitchen or living room. The wine cooler holds up to 38 bottles. Tinted doors with a UV filter coating are worth a mention. Their colour is not accidental! UV rays trigger undesirable chemical processes in wine and light negatively affects its colour wine, disrupts the delicate balance and aroma. This is why such protection measures are crucial.