Wine cooler
WFG 18

When you reach for a glass of wine, remember that its taste depends not only on the fermentation process, but also on storage conditions. Thanks to storage conditions that resemble those of wineries, you can enjoy excellent wine on a daily basis.

Product specification

Technical data

Energy class
295 mm
820-875 mm
561 mm
Number of bottles
Climate class
Noise level
39 dB
Temperature zones
Tinted door with UV filter
Reversible door
Electronic control
Vibration damping compressor
Built-in heating element
Temperature range
5-10˚, 10-18˚


  1. Electronic control
  2. LED lighting
  3. Vibration dampening compressor
  4. Integrated door handle


Energy label
Opis produktu

Product description

Shelves made of raw oak

Wood absorbs vibrations better than plastic and metal, which is why Vestfrost mainly uses this material in its equipment. Shelves in Vestfrost refrigerators are made of raw oak or beech wood that has not been chemically treated. This means that no substances from impregnated wood can get into the wine and spoil its taste.

Electronic control

Top and side LED lighting

This is the most effective type of lighting in refrigeration appliances. It is energy-efficient and generates significantly less heat than a traditional light bulb, thus preventing the temperature inside the fridge from rising above the required levels.

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Although in terms of their performance, Vestfrost wine coolers are professional devices, their design makes them suitable also for home use. They are indispensable for those who truly appreciate an exquisite taste and aroma of wine. The WFG 18 wine cooler from Vestfrost is a specialist device, designed with the needs of professionals and commercial establishments in mind. However, its high energy efficiency class makes it a perfect appliance also for household use. Efficient LED lighting is ideal for this type of device, as it does not adversely affect the quality of the stored wine. Exposing a bottle of wine to sunlight (UV radiation) will ruin it. A special glass pane with a filter provides additional protection against UV radiation.

The WFG 18 Vestfrost wine cooler is designed to imitate the conditions of a real wine cellar. The chamber holds up to 19 full-size bottles. The special construction of the device guarantees that each bottle is stored in optimum conditions. The device is equipped with resistant shelves made of oak wood. The WFG 18 wine cooler does not take up much space: thanks to its compact dimensions - 56 x 82-87.5 cm - it will fit into any kitchen or dining room. The model has one cooling zone with temperatures ranging from 5 to 18?C. Consequently, it is possible to conveniently store many bottles of wine with similar aging requirements.

In addition, the Vestfrost wine cooler has a built-in activated carbon filter. It cleans the air inside the cooling chamber, keeping it free of dust particles and odours that could penetrate through the wine cork. Neutral conditions inside the wine cooler allow for the optimum storage of any bottle. Wooden shelves made of oak and a special compressor installed in WFG 18 perfectly absorb vibrations. This prevents wine from becoming cloudy and further protects its taste and aroma.