About us

From its very creation,Vestfrost has pursued one goal:

developing and manufacturing products that meet our customers’ highest expectations. Over 60 years of experience on the market is a guarantee of the highest quality, ease of use and very low failure rate of our products.

Vestfrost products have served our clients for many years. Nothing motivates us more than our customers’ satisfaction, which drives our technological advancement, as we develop innovative solutions and create new appliances.

Vestfrost at home.
It all began in 1963.


Establishment of the company

Vestfrost is founded on 21 March by Arne Højvig. Vestfrost is created as a successor of Artik, a manufacturer of home freezers.


The company increases its production capacity

Due to the constantly growing demand for Vestfrost refrigerators and freezers, a two-shift work system is introduced in January.


Cooperation with Electrolux

The Swedish company Electrolux acquires 50% of Vestfrost shares. A period of fruitful cooperation between the two companies begins.


Production optimization

Along with increased production, several improvements are introduced. Production is divided into three separate lines: chest freezers, refrigerators and heat pumps.


Opening of a new production plant

The first freezer leaves the production line in the new factory.


Partnership with Vestel

Vestfrost enters into strategic partnership with Vestel, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of electronics and home appliances.


Company development

In order to meet the growing and diversified demand, the company is divided into the following departments: Vestfrost, supplying products to private households, and Vestfrost Solutions, focused on the commercial market.


Development of the product range

Vestel, one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances and electronics, acquires the rights to the Vestfrost brand. The acquisition strengthens the company and expands the portfolio of Vestfrost products with further categories: ovens, stoves, hobs, washing machines and dishwashers.


The first automatic washing machine

The first washing machine for the Danish market is designed, developed and manufactured. Excellent parameters, quality and ease of use are all aspects of utmost importance to Vestfrost.


Vestfrost sets new trends

Once again, Vestfrost becomes the market leader through setting new energy consumption standards with its FZ 414W wine cooler boasting the A+ energy efficiency class. A year later, an 8 kg washing machine with the PyroJet system and an unmatched energy efficiency class of A+++ -70% makes its debut on the Danish market.


Expansion onto Scandinavian markets

Vestfrost products are back in stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland.


The brand’s launch on the Polish market

Following it cooperation with Vestel Poland, Vestfrost products are making their debut on the Polish market.

Vestfrost’s history

Vestfrost devices first became available on the Polish market in the 1990s. Later, however, the company disappeared from the Polish market for a while, only to return with a new and broader range of products several years years later.Vestfrost brand devices have certain common features: minimalist design, advanced technologies and practical functions, tailored to the needs of modern consumers.

The merger with Vestel in 2008 was a milestone in the company's development. It paved the way for the Danish brand and allowed it to expand its product range with further categories: ovens, stoves, hobs, washing machines and dishwashers. Vestel, a giant in the sector of home appliances, provides Vertfrost with access to production resources and technological facilities that guarantee the Vestfrost brand constant development and the possibility of expanding its product range. The diversified product range has brought benefits in the form of the brand’s expansion into new markets. Since 2016, Vestforst products are available not only in Denmark, but also in Finland, Sweden and Norway; a year later, the brand returned to Poland.

Vestfrost’s several product lines are designed for the maximum comfort of use, characterized by high quality materials and simple forms. Appliances from the Retro series are characterized by sophisticated design details: stylized handles, streamlined forms and vibrant colours. Wine cooler models differ in terms of design and finishing, but all feature advanced technologies that meet the needs of the most demanding customers. In turn, the most important aspect of built-in appliances is the inside, that is, the arrangement of shelves and other features inside that facilitate their use.