AGD - More than Retro

Discover Vestfrost’s Retro line and see how home appliances can change the character of any kitchen.

Built-in -home appliances

With Vestfrost appliances, which perfectly combine latest trends with practical solutions, you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Wine - coolers

The secret to an excellent taste of wine lies in its proper storage.

Air purifiers

Control air quality which you breathe. Experience power of 5 stage air purification from Vestfrost.

From the very beginning, Vestfrost has pursued one goal.

Developing and manufacturing products that meet our customers’ highest expectations. Over 60 years of experience on the market is a guarantee of the highest quality, ease of use and very low failure rate of our products.

Vestfrost products have served our clients for many years. Nothing motivates us more than our customers' satisfaction, which drives our technological advancement, as we develop innovative solutions and create new appliances.

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Time for Shiraz

Quite surprisingly, it turns out that wine is also a matter of fashion! And I do not mean by this the winemakers’ attire, but global consumer trends that indicate which style of wine is currently de rigueur. When it comes to reds, full-bodied, intense in colour, round, yet not very dry wines with the aroma… read more

Category: blog
Argentinian Malbec

There are wines that have gained the status of icons: model and flagship drinks that proudly represent their region or country internationally. There are several such stars in Europe. Burgundy, champagne, porto or chianti are household names, known to experts and dilettantes alike. The situation is quite different in the so-called New World, where the… read more

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Wine in Antiquity

As we visit ancient monuments in Greece and Italy, or read myths, we imagine how our ancestors lived over two thousand years ago. Back in the day, the Mediterranean cradle of our culture and civilisation was already quite developed, and one of the many everyday manifestations of this advancement was the production and consumption of… read more

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