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We are happy to assist you with choosing and buying equipment, and with finding a local dealer. We will gladly answer any questions. We will help you with the first installation. We will listen to your opinions, or get you in touch with one of our sales representatives.

Vestfrost’s official dealer is:

Vestel Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul. Salsy 2, 02-823 Warszawa

Vestfrost - contact

When it comes to its contacts with potential and existing customers, the Danish manufacturer of home appliances, Vestfrost has adopted a policy of transparency. Designing and building reliable and practical appliances that help customers in their daily chores and make their lives easier is the cornerstone of the company’s operation. Vestfrost’s website,, is the main source of information about the brand and products. Customers can also use it to send their queries and to access contact details of sales representatives.

With customer satisfaction in mind, we have defined key communication goals, namely: providing customers with exhaustive information, allowing access to various contact channels, and ensuring an efficient service. In recent years, Vestfrost has also been gradually expanding its retail network. Currently, you can see and purchase the brand's products at 30 stores throughout Poland. All of them are prestigious retailers selling a wide range of home appliances and elements of interior decor.

We have selected our partners to make sure that customers have easy access to a comprehensive range of products they need to create a living space that meets their expectations. We make every effort to ensure that sales assistants are capable of providing customers with comprehensive information about Vestfrost products. To this end, the company's policy provides for training that allows our partners to learn about the brand's philosophy and its products, and to understand what distinguishes Vestfrost appliances from those of other manufacturers.

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