Celebrating life, or a few words about happiness

In our rapidly changing world of fast technological development and ubiquitous social media, we – as members of highly developed societies – tend to devote ourselves to consumption instead of taking more time to do what we truly enjoy. Omnipresent smartphones (according to the latest research, nearly 50% of Poles spend over 2 hours a day staring into the screen of their phone), commuting, long working hours and excessive amounts of information that we unknowingly absorb every day result in chronic fatigue – something almost 60% of Polish residents complain about.

In Denmark, the homeland of the Vestrfost brand, things are quite different. For many years, Danes have ranked among the world’s happiest societies. How do they do it? It turns out that not only have Danes opted for a slower pace of life, but they also reversed the trend typical of rich European societies. Sociologists and social psychologists have been observing this fascinating phenomenon for many years. Let’s have a look at it ourselves!

Danes like to move. They spend almost every spare moment outdoors.

It is something visitors to Denmark notice straight away. Even in autumn and in winter, parents and children of any age spend a lot of time outdoors. A toddler sleeping in a pram in a park or on the terrace of a cafe or a restaurant is not an uncommon sight. In kindergartens and schools, children play outdoors for several hours a day, regardless of the weather. They have their meals in the garden even when the weather is quite chilly and after a day of playing and learning, they cycle back home with their parents. The bicycle is one of the most popular means of transport in Denmark.

A small choice, but a good one

In a world ruled by excess and consumerism, Danes seems to be heading in the opposite direction. First-time visitors to Denmark may initially miss diversity and variety, but after a while, it turns out to incredibly simplify one’s life. Denmark strives to limit the amount of imported goods. As a consequence, the majority of products available on the market are Danish. The initial feeling of discomfort an uninitiated visitor to the country may feel soon subsides. If you don’t waste your afternoon choosing the perfect juice among dozens of brands, you have more time to chill out at home. And you may even come to the conclusion that, instead of buying a bottle, you can prepare freshly-squeezed juice at home with your children and enjoy the time spent together.

Vestfrost has embraced this philosophy. When creating our line of refrigerators, technologists focused on creating models equipped with everything what a modern family really needs instead of designing appliances packed with gadgets that are rarely or never used. Our flagship Retro series is a range of fridge-freezers in an array of bright colours that will keep your food fresh for longer thanks to an advanced air circulation system.

Enjoying life

Danes are relaxed. As income differences in Denmark are not as stark as in other countries, Danes are less tempted to join the race. Denmark is a country with particularly well organized social services, which guarantees a high level of security not only for large families, but also for young people, who are provided with constant financial support during their studies. Upon completing their education, graduates receive a pay over a period of two years, until they find a suitable job. Consequently, they feel less pressure and can devote themselves to looking for satisfying employment. Maintaining the work-life balance is the norm. The high quality of health care and social services translates into greater social trust.


Despite Denmark’s high divorce rate, large patchwork family structures are also the norm. This can be accounted for by a number of factors: Denmark’s secular social model, financial stability and social security. Instead of wasting time and energy on frustration, Danes celebrate everyday life, enjoy nature, and focus on daily activities performed at a leisurely pace. They cook a lot, travel around the country and spend time outdoors. And even if they subsequently recount their activities on social media, they never forget what is truly important.