Air Purifier

Vestfrost air purifiers ensure that the air in your home is free from dust, smog, allergens and bacteria.

Product specification

Technical data

Purification surface [m2]
CADR PM [m3/h]
kurzu i TVOC
temperatury i wilgotności powietrza
inverter motor
Fan operation mode
Sleep / Low / Medium / High / Highest
Noise level dB(A)
Service life
> 15,000 hours
Net/gross weight [kg]
Rated power [W]
Voltage and frequency [V/Hz]
Source of UV waves
Dioda LED o długości fal 200~280 nm
Response time
mniej niż 1s
Light intensity
1W/cm2, Bez emisji ciepła


  1. Plasma ION
  2. PM 2.5
  3. UV-C LED
  1. Triple filter system
  2. Night mode
  3. Colour display
  4. Child lock
  5. 5 fan levels
  6. Filter change indicator


Product description

3-in-1 filter

The device is equipped with three different filters: pre-filter, deodorizing filter with active carbon, and HEPA filter. They neutralize up to 99.97% of pollutants.

UV-C LED technology

It inactivates bacteria at the biological level, immediately upon air filtration. The UV-C LED diode inside the purifier keeps the device and filters impeccably clean.

Plasma ION technology

Positive and negative ions are released into the room along with the purified air. Ions neutralize airborne pollutants and those that remain on surfaces (walls, floors) and fabrics (curtains, carpet).

WiFi and mobile application

The purifier is equipped with WiFi technology, and can therefore be controlled through a mobile application.

Night mode

The device effectively cleans the air, while operating at a very low noise level of 17dB. It is quieter than a whisper.

Auto mode

The purifier monitors air quality with sensors and adjusts its operation to current environmental conditions. Convenient and practical.